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Flea & Heartworm Services

Flea & Heartworm Services

Veterinary Clinic For West Seneca, NY

It's time for you to pick up Frontline and Heartgard for your pet. If your pet is not on Heartgard all year-round or has not been tested for heartworm, you will need to get your pet tested first. A 4dx heartworm test is a simple blood test that takes about 10 minutes to run, and it will show if your dog is positive or negative for heartworm disease. The cost of this test is $52.50.

Our animal hospital also offers what is called a Junior Wellness Profile, which includes a free heartworm test. The Junior Wellness Profile includes bloodwork that checks the liver and kidney function, glucose levels, and also includes a CBC and a heartworm test. This package costs $61.00 and would be sent to the lab for next-day results.

Veterinary Clinic West Seneca, NY

Our animal hospital offers emergency service and other options.

Heartgard tablets should be given to your pet once every 30 days for heartworm prevention. When you purchase 12 tablets, you will receive a mail-in rebate form.

Bravecto flea and tick control is chewable tablet recommended to be used once every 90 days during the warmer months. When you purchase a 6-month supply, you will receive one month for free! We also carry Frontline plus (flea and tick control), and Trifexis (flea and Heart worm control).

Transit Animal Hospital provides all-encompassing services for our pet patients in the West Seneca, NY area. If you have any questions regarding flea and heartworm pills, medicine application, or concerns, please contact our veterinary clinic to schedule an appointment.

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