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Other Services

Other Services

Veterinary Clinic Services For The Lancaster, NY Area

Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth go through a lot. Maintain them with our help. We use modern and safe ultrasound to thoroughly clean each tooth. If needed, we will take dental X-rays to get a better idea of your pet’s oral health.

Pain Management

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when your pet is in pain. Often, laser therapy is a great option. If your pet’s specific situation requires another form of therapy, we’ll do the best we can to give you the tools you need to make him or her comfortable. Our veterinary clinic also has a fully-stocked pharmacy.

Veterinary Clinic West Seneca, NY

Receive other medical care through our veterinary clinic.

Immunization and wellness care, radiology and surgery services, and euthanasia services are all covered at Transit Animal Hospital. We are fully equipped to handle every situation to the best of our ability, ensuring your pet is safe and comfortable for every procedure.

We can also microchip your pet in the event of him or her being lost or wandering away from home. Microchipping has reunited thousands of pets and their owners.

Emergency Animal Hospital Cheektowaga, NY


Going out of town and have no one to watch over your pet? That's why our veterinary clinic provides dog boarding throughout the West Seneca, NY area. It's crucial to have a back-up option in case your family members can't take care of your beloved pup. We offer boarding services for cats and dogs who are regular patients at our facility. Our staff is dedicated to providing them with the love and care they require while you’re away. Call us today to check availability and to learn what you need to do to prepare.


The only “grooming” service we offer at the emergency animal hospital is baths. Baths are only for client pets and must be scheduled. Pets will be bathed and dried; no other grooming services are offered.

However, if your pet does require more extensive grooming, La Groom Pet Grooming by Louise Heckl is located at our facility. It is not under the direction of Transit Animal Hospital and is by appointment only. Call 716-684-3150 for more information.

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